Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)

AGV is an indoor mobile robot for point to point goods delivery with no major facilities modification in plant. The AGV is special designed to suit custom application and payload in the material handling industry. He can be prgrammed to run automatically without human interaction and only controlled by server wirelessly. The front of the AGV is equipped with laser and bumper sensor to safely avoid people and obstacle. The structural design of our AGV also allow easy maintenance by conveniently accessible to the battery and circuitry.

Key Technologies:

  • Fully or Semi-automated, solid and durable for 24 hours operation
  • System controlled through wifi communication
  • Manages power and self charging ability
  • Easy to deploy, no major facilities modification is require
  • Easy maintenance with conveniently access to battery and circuitry
  • Easy trouble shooting with handheld diagnose panel
  • Attachable to customized top compartment for custom application & payload
  • Consist of contact and non-contact obstacle sensor for safety purpose
  • Provide effective local technical support

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